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I'm becoming quite ambidextrous when it comes to the two operating systems. It takes my brain a moment to switch over after working on an iMac for 8 hours and then trying to use shortcuts in Photoshop on the PC. I keep having to stop myself from hitting the ALT key with my thumb instead of the Control key with my pinky haha.

As much as I would like to replace my PC with an iMac, I think my best bet would be to hold on to my PC and stick with the Macbook Pro. I want to keep my iPad just because it is so convenient when it comes to consuming media (watching videos, reading email, surfing the net, etc)... and I feel like I would regret selling it.

I do still want to sell my Mac Mini, though. I originally bought it to see if I'd like the Mac OS, but then I got my job and now the Mac Mini is just collecting dust. The sad thing is, I just bough it a few months ago, and I'll probably lose a lot of money trying to sell it because I was an idiot and let the Best Buy employee talk me into a 2-year extended warranty for $99... Can those be transferred? Would that be a good selling point to try to recoup my costs when trying to sell it?

Also, a side question... how long do I have to wait, and how many posts do I need to get permission to put a post in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum here?
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