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Thanks, Van, I'll try that. Just to make sure I need to reinstall it (and that the reinstall isn't going to just duplicate my past actions), I'm going to list the commands I issued during the install (starting with mounting the dmg). There's no direction (that I can see or understand) in the command to establish a target directory other than the default directory (therefore I'm thinking that reinstalling WOULD just duplicate the problem; let me know what you think, please).

hdiutil attach xcode313_2736_developerdvd.dmg

When I run that command, an "ls" in Terminal returns a list of directories/files, including "/Volumes/Xcode Tools"

That means the dmg is mounting, by default, to "/Volumes" right?

If it itself is defaulting to the wrong directory, couldn't I just issue a "mv -R" command to move the directory and subdirectories over to "Developer/"?

Here are the final commands I executed:

sh-3.2# cd /Volumes/Xcode\ Tools

sh-3.2# sudo installer -pkg sudo installer -pkg XCode\ Tools.pkg -target "/"

sh-3.2# hdiutil detach /dev/disk2s3
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