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Hi, folks. I just installed Xcode Tools on a PPC, on 10.5.8 (Lion).

I did the installation on the command line, in bash. I'm also trying to install MacPorts, but keep getting this error message:

sh-3.2# sudo installer -pkg MacPorts-2.0.4.pkg -target "/"
installer: Error - Xcode is not installed, or was installed with UNIX Development (10.5+) or Command Line Support (10.4) deselected.

But executing "locate Xcode" returns this from the Terminal:

sh-3.2# locate Xcode
/Applications/XCodeToolsPackages/About Xcode Tools.pdf
/Applications/XCodeToolsPackages/Developer/About Xcode Tools.pdf

That list goes on for hundreds of lines. Therefore I know it's installed in /Applications.

The question is (of course) how do I get my Mac to SEE that it's installed. Or am I making some kind of error in logic?

I have no idea why installing with UNIX Development (10.5+) would create a problem. I have idea what UNIX Development 10.5+ IS!

Any advice/wisdom would be appreciated. Thank you.

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