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I recently switched to Mac after many years of Windows and Linux use. I went with the Macbook Pro 13" because, unlike Windows, the machines don't tend to slow down over time. It just works how it works till you eventually upgrade to software that it can't keep pace with. I like the Pro and bought my daughter one as well for her graduation gift. They're easily expandable (to 16GB RAM), vibrant displays, beautifully built, solid as a rock, stable and I can't say enough how great the OS is and how similar it is to Linux. That's a definite plus and you are buying a quality piece of hardware.

Compare 13" Air to Pro and you'll see the Pro is actually cheaper. Not really comparable from the smaller Air to the 13" Pro to me since the small Air loses screen real estate that is invaluable for me. Either one is a great machine, but the Pro gives you room to grow in HDD space and RAM.
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