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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
SSD drives do not take well to cloning from a platter type drive and is generally not recommended by SSD manufacturers such as OWC.

It's best to install clean and use your latest Time Machine backup to restore to the new SSD. That will work and at the same time preserve your data.
I have never performed a time machine backup, as I have never had an external hard drive formatted specifically for my mac

However, would you mind guiding me through certain critical steps?

Once I erase and format my SSD to Mac OS X Extended Journaled, could I then swith both drives, leaving my mac with nothing but the SSD? Then, with nothing but the SSD and the OS X cd, could I somehow install Snow Leopard to my new SSD that way?

Once that is done, would I then just take my old HDD in an enclosure, and start copying over just the .DMGs, and install each app like it was brand new?

Thanks again!
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