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(Let me first say that I have NEVER used a Mac before in my life except maybe once or twice at someone's house to search the web quickly for a movie listing or something. Have been a Windows user all of my life.)

I recently purchased a 13" Macbook Air and I love it. However, I can't seem to figure out how to add music to my iPhone via iTunes. Or how to delete music from my iPhone while in iTunes.

First question: Do I have to delete music that is on my iPhone strictly by picking up the phone and deleting??? Why can't I do it in iTunes?

Second question: How do I add music to my iPhone?

To add music I have tried:

Highlighting music from my iTunes library and dragging it to my phone (in iTunes).

Unchecking everything I don't want on the phone in my iTunes music library and clicking "sync."

Highlighting music and double clicking in order to find an option to add to my iPhone.

To delete music from my iPhone I have tried:

Deleting it manually directly from my iPhone device. (I suppose this works, but its confusing to me why I can't just do it in iTunes.)

Highlighting it and pressing delete in iTunes.

Highlighting it and double clicking in order to find a delete option in iTunes.

Highlighting it and going to the Edit tab, but delete is greyed out.

There is no option to check or uncheck the music as the checks are greyed out.

Any help?
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