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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
Something's wrong then. iPhoto doesn't give you an option of saving your edited photos anywhere BUT Camera Roll (there's no "transferring" to do). Maybe you don't have Photo Stream turned on on your device?
Within iPhoto you need to manually "share" edited photos to the Camera Roll. Just as you would "share" them to Facebook, iTunes, Print. ie using the Share function in top right hand corner.

PhotoStream definitely turned on as my "Camera Roll" is streaming to my Mac as we speak. ie all the crappy unedited photos that I don't want

Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
So you're saying you want iPhoto to overwrite your original photos?? No, really, you don't want that.
Yes really I do. If I straighten a crooked photo, crop it, and correct the exposure then it's definately the edited photo that I wish to preserve forever. I'm just a dude with a camera and iPad, I'm not a pro and I can live without the original.

Having said that, I do appreciate your concern and heed your warning

Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
As I thought: something's not right there. Maybe time to do some maintenance on your Mac.
Agreed. Any clues amigo? FYI, I was stoked when iPhoto for iOS arrived as I thought it would liberate me from dragging my Mac around when travelling (ie for the purpose of saving and editing my travel pix). Hence, any help would be appreciated.
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