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chscag -First, your right about the loss of a child, it's the single most tragic thing for a parent, really no words can describe how difficult it is.

Thank you for the advice regarding my hard drive (saving my pictures), I wasn't aware I could put it in my other macbook (shows you how much I know) but it seems I won't need to go that route.

It was very tempting to try and remove the logic board, I think the only thing that stopped me was not having a tri wing screwdriver, I really was just so curious how much liquid got into it but I just let it sit on the table with the cover off of it from the time I got home Friday until about two hours ago, giving it three days from the time the spill occurred. So I put it back together and pushed the power button....oh the anxiety, it took much longer to boot than normal, a solid minute passed but this time instead of going to the question mark as it had in the store the apple appeared, never been happier to see that apple before and finally, by some miracle, my user acct popped up in the usual way and everything seems to be functioning fine with the exception of a couple of things, my track pad is functioning to some degree but it's very difficult to control, no problems with the keyboard so far. I plugged a mouse into it and it seems to be functioning fine that way, although I have noticed my screen shake unexpectedly a couple of times but I honestly think it has more to do with the mouse than the liquid spill because it was an old one that I believe was having problems. One other thing is the light on my battery charger has remained amber even though I left it on the charger for a good bit of time so I don't know if that means my battery has an issue, it increased as normal on screen, going from low to high and I have an app called battery health I think and it says it's in the same condition as it was when I first got the app which was only days prior to the spill. I guess time will tell but for the moment I'm so relieved and my first order of business is backing up my photos. I've read several posts explaining that damage will likely still occur due to corrosion, but I really didn't see any liquid on the logic board, does that matter? Or is it more of what I don't see? Should I try to find someone to take it apart for me and clean it up? Is there anything I can do now that would save me from future problems?
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