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Hey all,

I just got my new Macbook Pro 13". Before that, i had the same model, but that one was from 2009. Now that i have my new one, i would like to move most of my files to the new Macbook.

This includes lots of personal files, also stuff that i need for school. I also have the Adobe CS5 package installed on the old one. I got that from my school, it was installed when i bought the Mac. I dont have any installation CD's.

I would like to move the whole CS5 package to the newer Mac, but how can i do this? I've made a Time-Machine copy of my old Macbook, but it runs on Snow Leopard, and my new one runs Lion. Im quite used to Snow Leopard now, and i actually dont mind switching back to Snow Leopard on my new Mac. Or are there any very good reasons to use Lion instead?

If i would keep Lion on the new one, how could i install my CS5 on it? Also, my new Mac, which is actually secondhand, has some old stuff on it from the previous owner. The only things i didnt got with the Macbook where the installation CD's. How can i get a clean install on the new Macbook?

Alot of questions, and im sorry for any flaws in my English, im Dutch.

Hope you can help me!
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