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Just another horror story I suppose. I'm posting this because I really need some opinions on my experience at the Apple Store yesterday. I feel I was wronged but my judgement could be clouded by my current inability to accept this has happened to my computer.

My macbook was opened, not plugged in but it was on when the table was bumped into really hard yet accidently and an "unclaimed by anyone present" full beer that had been set down next to my computer (left side) tipped over and spilled out onto my keyboard. I was in shock at first and I honestly have never read up on what to do if a spill occurs, I ran inside and grabbed a towel and dried it off and then shut it down. In the few minutes prior to shutting it down it was functioning normally. I held down the power button and shut it off, then I researched a little about what actions to take and I put it in the tee pee sorta position and left it there with a towel under it all night.

At this point I knew to resist the urge to turn it on and I was trying to come to terms with the loss of the apple care protection I had debated getting to begin with. Out of the six Iphones and two macbook's I have purchased the plan for not once has it ever paid off for me, I know it's not the point but still it's hard not to feel like you got the short end of the stick after forking out money for INSURANCE which we all like to think of as protection against disaster then disaster strikes and your not only NOT covered but you also lost future coverage, if savable that is... ugh.

Anyway, I decided in the morning that I would go ahead and take it up to Apple, I've never taken a computer apart and didn't really feel confident in doing it, so I thought maybe they could open it up and at least access the damage for me. I'm not sure about most Apple Store's but the one we have just recently opened up in our local mall and hence has aproximately 30 teenagers that they call employees all running around with iphones and flirting with each other.

I assumed however that if it's a technical issue I would get a more professional qualified person to speak to about the damage, instead the guy I get stuck with looks just like the rest of them, but I know young people tend to know a lot more than myself, I'm 37 and my kids are more qualified in many technical issues than me so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and began the conversation by explaining to him beer was spilled on my computer last night and I told him what steps I had taken, he of course tells me it's not covered, I explain that I do understand that, he pulls my computer towards him, opens it up AND TURNS IT ON! As he's turning it on he's explaining that most computers will not recover from liquid damage and after that I have no idea what he said because I was frozen and fixated on my computer screen, it opens up as normal, the bars that run across the bottom as it's coming on appear, then flickering begins, he leaves it up, it flickers for about 2 minutes then suddenly a question mark appears in the screen and he then shuts it closed, doesn't turn it off or anything, just shuts it, he then tells me he can take my computer apart and look at it for me.

I agree to that and he goes to the back with it, then comes back 10 minutes later and hands me my hard drive, he explains it was a significant amount of liquid and his attitude about how bad it is forces me to accept it's hopeless, he hands me a card for drivesavers, inc data recovery, tells me it will cost a fortune but I may get a discount because they are somehow affiliated with Apple.

Honestly, everything he was saying was confusing me because he kept jumping around with subjects but nothing ever came together. He informed me I could take it home, let it dry out and then bring it back up and at that point he could send it to apple to see how bad the damage was?? I wasn't aware they didn't do the work there, but the whole experience frustrated me. I don't know if my judgement is clouded because I just don't want to accept the loss or if he handled the situation wrong because I really feel he shouldn't have turned it on before opening it up and I feel he could have caused significant damage by turning it on.

Maybe I was wrong for assuming the tech's were more knowledgeable in the area of liquid spills. Well, I brought my computer home, opened it up and I was a little shocked by the fact there really wasn't that much liquid inside of it, I do understand it doesn't take much to do damage but there wasn't much. It also really aggravates me that he didn't at least dry it off after opening it? He just left it wet and shut it back. I asked him when he came out if he was able to get the liquid out and he say's "No, we aren't allowed to do that" Well for goodness sake if he's not even authorized to remove liquid after opening it did he have any business turning it on?

Ok, I'm sorry for this rant, I just feel like he handled this wrong and I also feel he caused damage to my computer. I'd really appreciate opinions on it.

The biggest issue here for me are the photo's I had on it. My six year old son passed away this past December from a life long illness and it just breaks my heart to think I'll never see the last pics I had of him again.

Any opinions or advice would be very much appreciated.

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