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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
Okay, it's not part of the desktop background, so my next suggestion is to restart the Mac.
This is an interesting experience.The restart option brings up a window to ask me if I really want to restart and if I want to reopen windows when looged in. The checkmark for this is preset. Not having known the implications of this I let the checkmark stand. After OK the computer restarted by first displying some mysterious messages on the left lower screen part, relating to scroll area and secure password entry, I managed to get the computer up and displaying a lot of apps on the screen.that somehow I used in the past, but was not expecting them to be opened at this time because I thought that all these apps would have been properly closed at the end of my usage. So,I closed them all again and now the obnoxious "f" app was no longer on my desktop. SUCCSESS !!
Not exactly an intuative approach to get rid of an unwanted app.
I also learned from this experiment to have the ckeck mark for opening windows removed, when next time I want to restart the Computer.
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