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the plot thickens....first off thanks people on this thread for leaving your advice...every bit is taken into consideration...and i appreciate your time on this...

talked with the cellular provider of the phone(remember sim card was still in it) and i was pretty surprised that they were not too sure how to handle this case...i told them the story behind this phone and after talking with tech support and customer care they both told me that i should get in touch with the owner of the phone and arrange to return the phone....there was a minute on the phone with them where i thought they were just joking with me...know what i do i call the owner when they wont give me his or hers info....and i said i didn't even want to call them direct and that i would rather the phone company call them somehow on maybe an alternate number to explain that i have the phone and i have replaced the LCD and if they want it come and get it kinda deal....crazy advice i was getting from the phone company...sheesh. anyways in the end the one guy from the phone company told me to warranty the phone with apple store as it should be under warranty still being a 4s iphone. not sure if this is true but i thought that this might be an option with the phone havng some sort of battery charging issue....if i were to do this what would be the best steps to take on warranty as we are based in Canada, should i go through the apple website for this, we have never had to do this but it shouldnt be a problem....i guess apple doesnt really care who the phone is coming from as long as its still under warranty, is that correct of me saying? anyways im just trying to sort this all out and more feedback from you experts is always handy....i will be sure to respond as quick as i can rest assure.

thanks again folks...

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