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Both of the above replies belie a misunderstanding of the question. The feature for which the asker is looking is one that I believe is only available on the PC versions of Outlook. It allows the user to send an email to a recipient, & specify a different address to which any replies to the email are sent. Example: sends an email to, & the sender wants any replies coming from recipient to be sent to When the recipient clicks Reply, instead of replying to, he replies to

This is useful in a situation where an executive assistant monitors emails that come to his/her employer's email, looking for administrative items on which he/she can take action so the employer doesn't have to. The employer has more than one email address, & wants to make sure that any business correspondance goes through the business email address (so that the assistant can see it), even though he/she may be sending from a personal email account.

So, going back to the original question, is this feature available, & if so, how does one activate it?
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