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Very basic knowledge of macs im afraid. I spilt liquid on my mac other day, luckily took to the apple shop about fifty miles away and they said was actually ok but two drops (!) had got under the keyboard and in theory could eventually corrode the inside of the mac (I bet they would say that). Anyway report was sent to our insurance company who have agreed to pay for new macbook pro! Brilliant. Now apple man took the hard drive out for us and said its fine itself, but when we get our new macbook this weekend, how do we get the info off the old hard drive onto this new comp??? he said something about a caddy?!?!Tried calling back but never get through. Also, as he said (off the record) the old one will probably be fine forever, so we were thinking about giving it to girlfriends parents, as they have a rubbish laptop. Could we then put the old hard drive back in? Would this be easy enough to do? And would it mess up our office for mac software as that only registered for one comp?

Sorry, answers to all or any of the above questions will be really appreciated.

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