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Originally Posted by Discerptor View Post
I said he didn't have the credentials legally required for an appointee, not that he currently holds the position illegally. The waiver is a method of getting around it in special circumstances.

As anyone that reads the post can see, I was relating the political climate that gave rise to those two things to the appointment of Cathie Black, and the only reason Walcott is Chancellor right now is that she was so grossly unfit for the job that she quit in less than four months and someone needed to be shoved into the position very quickly. I understand that you did read the post, did see this, and are just being intentionally obtuse, though.
Actually, I read the post, did see that, and realize that, IMO, you are somehow attempting to obfuscate the issue and demean Walcott (honestly, his policy should handle that quite amply) by bringing the Tea Party/Cain into a discussion that really has no relevance.

It actually leaves me chuckling quite readily to see NYC politics and the Tea Party/Cain even mentioned together.

Other than trying to redeem himself politically with some TP lipservice, recall that is was a very liberal Bloomberg who initially suggested to Katie Curic that the Times Square attempted bomber was likely someone upset about Obamacare, suggesting that it was a disgruntled Tea Partier or the like.

You appear to me to be attempting to create an association that simply doesn't exist in order to propagate your apparent view that lifelong education bureaucrats can naturally do a better job at dictating an educational political agenda than can people coming out of the private sector (oooohhhh, that evil private sector!!).

I simply don't buy the premise or the connection.

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