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Hey this is my first post just FYI. I recently received a disk from a good friend of mine with the upgrade for OS X Lion on it for my use. I proceeded to insert the disk into my computer and did the option after the tone thing and got two choices. A picture of a hard driver or a picture of the disk. I clicked on the disk knowing that the program was on the disk after about 10 minutes my computer booted up and asked where i would like to install lion. i initially clicked on the Internal HDD and i received a pop up message saying i wasnt able to do that so i clicked on one of the two external HDD i have. It proceeded to install and booted up normally. Well unfortunetly because i did it on the hard drive I not only lost everything i had but i also cant unplug my hard drives without ruining the computer. I was able to find my most recent and got all the stuff i could (documents, programs, music, pictures ect.) but i also lost the ability to use the HFS+ Journaling. The only reason i know this is because i tried to install a program that i need and it informed me that i was unable to do that so i cant install my progam. So my goal is to be able to transfer my lion to the hard drive without erasing all my files as listed earlier. So Please any one that could help me.. i would really appreciate it.