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This is a result of the messed up politics surrounding the NYC Schools Chancellor position, not an indicator of anything to do with New York or its society as a whole. Dennis Walcott is the second chancellor in a row without the credentials legally required of any appointee to the position. And he's only there because the previous one, Cathie Black, who had literally no background in education at all, couldn't even stick it out for four months. Bear in mind Cathie Black's appointment was part of the ridiculous notion getting popular in this country that being a successful businessperson somehow qualifies you to be a good public servant. With her sudden absence, the deputy mayor was just shoved in since they needed to find someone on short notice and he had one relevant degree. Believe me: no one in the administration or faculty, let alone in NYC as a whole, actually respects this guy's ideas either.
What about Walcott's credentials makes it illegal for him to hold that spot?

IMO, the primary problem here is one of a huge bureaucracy making decisions that have broad-sweeping ramifications for a population that they can't possibly fully understand, rather than allowing local educators to make sensible decisions based on their involvement IN their community. Walcott oversees 1700 schools and more than 1 MILLION students. There's no 'agency' that can truly make solid decisions that cater to the needs of local schools when we're talking that many lives. It's the problem with the NEA, overbearing state-level school administrations, and large metropolitan school corporations. It's too much power invested in too few people who make too many large decisions effective too much of the community.

In essence, this is simply another case where educational administrators think they know *BEST* because they have the degrees that say they do.
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