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We have an iMac G5 20 inch in the studio and it's started making some odd noises. On start up there is a popping noise, like pop rocks. Once it finishes starting the popping occasionally continues, sometimes when not doing anything or running any applications. I noticed that if I zap the PRAM, the noise doesn't happen as much. When we try and sync our iPhone with iTunes, the popping really gets going, Pop Rocks on Speed, and then usually the sync freezes. Then when we re-start the machine is popping again. I thought it might be the battery, but the tell-tale signs of the time and calendar being inaccurate isn't there. I also thought it might be a power surge or problem with the power supply. Also, if we mute the sound, the popping still continues and it definately sounds like it's coming from the bottom part of the iMac. I hope this helps.Any thoughts before we bring it to the Genius' and they have a hard time (possibly) diagnosing the problem.

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