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Here is another article about it: Supplier Chatter Pointing to Redesigned iPhone with 4-Inch Display, 'Sleek Look'

The article I linked to has a mock-up photo guess of what it might look like. I think the photo has been used before so it's probably nothing new to some of you. If the mock-up is accurate it looks like the next iPhone might look like a mini iPad on the backside. I think that's a better look than the tear drop look that some thought the iPhone 4S might've looked like.

The important thing to me is that there is more speculation that it might be a 4" display. It will be great to me if that is true. The mock-up image also speculates that Apple might have the screen come right up to the edges which will give us a bigger screen without increasing the overall size of the iPhone by much. I think that would satisfy both groups.

If the next iPhone has a 4" screen, I will mostly like buy it when it comes out. The more I use the 3.5" screen the more I notice how small it is for my needs.
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