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Originally Posted by infocusinc View Post
There has to be standards of some sort. How else can one person communicate with another about things like the density and color of a photograph?

its no different than the film days, just more complicated.

Light boxes for viewing transparencies and reflective art and proofs were all 5000k.

You did that so everyone was looking at the work with the same illuminate.

Then the customer could tell the pre-press house that one image looked green for example and when new scans and proofs were produced they could see the change. How do you do that when you have one guy looking at a proof under a desk lamp at 2900k and yet another standing by a window using 7000k while the printer uses his standardized 5000k booth?

Now with digital it gets done with electronic viewing device..the monitor.

And everyone needs to profile and calibrate their on monitor directly because they change over time and settings get changed etc.. Its just SOP for color critical work.

Its not so much passion on my part but rather necessity. My clients spend a lot of money producing the photos and even more money putting ink to paper and getting a website to look good.

If my photos don't print or display properly and they require third party- expensive- intervention, my clients just might opt to find a photographer who's work will.

In a former career I had twenty years as a commercial and architectural lighting designer and specifier so I get the science. The last sentence I quote from you above sums your situation up but it's not relevant for most of us. I'm now (as an old git) more concerned about the health risks of rear-firing LED screens and fettling around with colour temperatures and gamma.

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