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Yes, you read that correctly....everyone now point and laugh. Here is the scenario I need help with:

I recently tried to uninstall QuickTime 7 b/c I wanted to reinstall QT 6.5.2. I did this b/c I didn't want to purchase the codes for QT 7 Pro, but already had them for 6.5.2 and wanted Pro back on my machine....

Everyone with me so far?

Like an idiot, I didn't "uninstall" QT 7, but just deleted it from my applications folder, along with everything else "QuickTime" I could find (except, as I just discovered, from my System/Library folders). I'm obviously going about this all wrong, so I dare not delete anything from there.

Rolling your eyes yet? You should be.

Well now, as you can imagine, I cannot install either 6.5.2 or even 7 back on my machine and am getting the following message midway through the install process "You cannot install this software on this volume. This disk is dimmed because there is a newer version of QuickTime already present."

Obviously the computer still sees 7, but I gots no access to QT b/c I deleted it and emptied the trash.

What the heck do I do to get it back?

I know, I don't have to say anything.

P.S. Running MAC OS X 10.3.9
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