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Hi everyone.

I just received a Macbook Pro 17" on Friday. This officially marks my return to the world of Apple. I got my first one in 1992 which was a LC III, followed by a Centris 610. I had to leave for one specific program and so got a PC in 1999. Stepping into the Windows world did lead me to starting my own computer repair business and doing rather well at it.

Somewhere along my travels in that world, I was given a white and blue G3 that I messed with, upgrading and such, but it was outdated then and my PCs overpowered it greatly. I'd been wanting to put my feet back in both worlds, so, as I Friday, here I am. It's all coming back. I do love Macs.

Right now, I'm just going through the forums to pick up tips. Things have changed since OS 7 ;-)
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