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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
I am mystified as to why you think you need to do this. You do not need to create a separate iTunes library for each device. They can be set to draw from the same library but use completely different tunes if that is your wish.

Putting tunes on one device does not exclude them from being included on another and vice versa. If you want to create a playlist of music that will only go on one of the devices and not the other, a smart playlist can take care of that no problem.

Thanks for the response. Let me explain- I am a music producer. I have sample libraries that total close to 100GB's or more of audio clips and snippets. This large library of sounds range from 30 second music loops to .30 second kick drum files...we're talking 10's of thousands of files. l My iPad will contain virtually no "regular" mp3 files. The bulk of audio that I will be syncing to the iPad will be these "sample clips" that I will use in iPad audio applications. I have an iPod and an Android device that I use with iTunes, I'd prefer to keep my "regular" Mp3 files in a complete separate library for these devices simply to make things easier on me visually. I don't want 5000 kick drum samples mingled in with my "general listening" mp3's. I felt the easiest way to accomplish this would be to set up two different libraries. Hope that explains it.

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