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^^ Gotta love the Apple sales reps. They tell it like it is lol.

Micro Center is even cheaper. They sell 4 gig sticks for $17.99. I even still have the box to prove it!

I asked the guy why it was so cheap (I didn't want to buy something that would break in a week) and he said that it was Micro Center brand and it's cheap because they manufacture and sell it. I've had the sticks for a while now and no issues. Everything runs silky smooth. If you have a local Micro Center store in your area, I recommend driving there and picking them up. It's cheaper than OWC and you get them immediately.

But yeah,

iMacs take (if its a new one) 1333 MHz DDR3 SO-DIMM memory. It's the same memory laptops use. Make sure it says PC3-10600 somewhere on the box just to be sure.

Also, don't fall for the gimmick "Mac certified memory". There is no Mac RAM and there is no PC RAM. There's just RAM. A lot of times brands will throw "Apple/Mac certified" on the box just to be able to charge a few bucks more.
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