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What on earth are you talking about man?! I PAY my ISP in order to use the internet, and it is totally MY choice as to whether or not I want to actually click on a link or not. But to have a flashing ad in my face which I'm forced to click on in order for it to disappear is very much a form of sleezy advertising. Your claim that the internet is mainly free because of ads, is OH SO WRONG! I suppose you think that watching television commercials before a movie is cool too, eh?

Why then are ticket prices so expensive then? What about concessions? Shouldn't all the advertising take care of that for us? Or what about ads on the subway and busses? Brother...

Yeah, if someone asks me nicely to click an ad in order to support their website, I certainly will. Case in point: Steve Huff of I love his camera/lens reviews because he's a street shooter with a soul. He loves shooting and does reviews from a real world perspective, and not from a cold, clinical standpoint. He has stated in different places on his site that by clicking on the links to other websites, all money goes to keeping his shooting habits/reviews/website going. I have zero problem with that, and in fact, encourage it. But don't go waving your sleezy and pushy ads in my face, because I'll tell you to stick it.

Yep, Adblock Plus, Adblock Pop Up ad on and Better Privacy are an integral part of my setup.

You pay your ISP, but none of that money goes to the people who make the content you read. And no, I don't think cinema ads are fair or anything, because you pay for a ticket a sum of money that goes to both the cinema and the makers of the movie. That is not similar to the case of internet ads.
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