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Originally Posted by Mike Poole View Post
The easiest way to remove the 'Launch Failure' warning after having uninstalled the program is to go to the Prosoft download page at Then:
  1. Download the trial version of Drive Genius 3 (to uninstall it again)
  2. Install it
  3. When Drive Genius is running, go to the tool bar at the top of your screen and select uninstall
  4. When the uninstall dialogue box appears select 'uninstall all'
  5. After uninstalling, log out of your Apple user profile or just reboot*

When you reboot, the warning won't appear. I just did this after a week of lazily ignoring the warning.

*Note: I logged out, logged back in and then rebooted, for good measure, but that probably isn't necessary.
holy crap. your one week = my year plus of dealing with this. so words cannot explain how grateful I am of you for posting this. I was legitimately going to reformat my computer one of these days to rid myself of that stupid error.

again, thank you thank you!!
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