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@Vipor - I think I need to clarify with what you said.

WIth respect to the 2008 MB, yes you can stream wirelessly from iTunes to your ATV provided your video content is in an iTunes compatible format.

If it's *not* in an iTunes compatible format, then you want to you an iOS device (recent model iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) to take your video from your MB, convert it on the fly and send it to your ATV.

So for example, if you had a movie that was in .MP4 or .MOV format, you could add it to iTunes and send that video file directly from iTunes to your ATV. But if your file was a .MKV file, you would want an application like Plex or Air Video or even GoodPlayer to convert the file on your Mac Mini, send it to your iOS device and then use that same iOS device to direct the video to your ATV using AirPlay (which is a feature built into the iOS device).

In the next version of OS X (Mountain Lion), Apple is putting the AirPlay feature directly into the OS, so we won't have to have an iOS device in the middle. Now THAT is going to be sweet.

Secondly, yes, your audio will transmit over to the AppleTV using iTunes or AirPlay. The issue that you are referring to only affects the miniDP (HDMI) port. Nothing more.
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