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Vinven7: If you can afford a second external, then you should probably get one, tho, I agree with Oneironaut. While TM is a backup solution, it isn't faultless, especially given how often it needs to access and write to disk... From the sounds of what you are doing/wanting to do, it would be better that you either have a seperate folder for things you want to backup but deleted from your MBP. From my understanding, TM does backup your machine as is, and as TheMacMania said, eventually it will delete the oldest. Also from my understanding from Apple's website, "TM keeps track of files and folders that have changed since your last backup so that it only backs up those files and folders. If Time Machine loses track of files and folders that have changed since the last backup, it will compare an "inventory" of your current data to an inventory of your backup." I'm not sure what this would mean to weekly/Monthly etc, my guess is it compares your HD to a weekly/monthly list. So then it would only be backing up what you haven't deleted, and from the Wikipedia, it sounds as if it consolidates them for a week/month (?) which my guess wouldn't include what may have been deleted during that week.

I think you should do what Oneironaut suggested. You could use finder or spotlight to search for older deleted files in TM (I found that finder doesn't always find things so when it fails and I know it's there I use (free) EasyFind and/or ifilex, I've found that EasyFind finds everything on externals all at once and then put them in an external seperate folder.

Just found this from Wikipedia "Time Machine saves hourly backups for the past 24 hours, daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups for everything older than a month until the volume runs out of space. At that point, Time Machine deletes the oldest weekly backup" Time Machine (Mac OS) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hope that helps..

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