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The implementation of your IBAction method is incorrect, all IBaction methods should
follow the example below.

//in your .h interface file you should declare your IBAction method like this

- (IBAction)methodName:(id)sender;

//In your .m implementation file you then implement the above method like this.

- (IBAction)methodName:(id)sender
      //Your code goes here
In your example, your missing the (id)sender part of the declaration, which every
IBAction method should have.

Save the files before moving over to Interface Builder, then control drag from the Button to
the controller class's Object cube, and select the IBAction method.

Also I noticed your using the AudioToolkit Framework for your sound playing methods, if
your only wanting to play short system type sounds, or audio files in a simple playback
utility, you might want to consider the NSSound class.

Hope this helps.

Regards Mark
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