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Hai, Thanks for your reply. Let me rephrase my question.

Time machine claims that it backs up files every 24 hours for the last day, every week for the last month and so on. Let say that I backup my Time machine to HD every day for three months - Jan to March. So that I have a weekly back up for January and Feb - and a daily backup for March. Then it's April and I'm guessing - correct me if I am wrong - that TM will now keep weekly backups for March and daily backups for April. My question is - when TM decides to take all the daily updates from March and turn them into weekly updates - how does it choose which files to save and which not do? Does it for example, simply keep all the backups for every Monday in March and throw everything else away? In other words, assuming that I backup my MBP everyday, when should I be deleting files from my MBP so that I can always find it in my TM backup say even a year later? (Let's assume that I have enough space in my HD)
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