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When the latest macbook airs came out in mid 2011, I bought one on an impulse. I already have a late 2009 iMac (the base 21 inch model).

I feel like having these two computers is redundant, so I've been contemplating handing my iMac over to my parents and using the air and an external monitor for when I need ergonomics.

The macbook air is the base 13 inch configuration (mid 2011)
the iMac is the base 21 inch configuration (late 2009) with 12 GB of aftermarket ram added for no particular reason.

Here are my concerns:

-finding a display comparable to the iMac's: The thunderbolt display that Apple sells is really nice, but it's super expensive and too large for my taste.

-leaving the macbook air plugged in and on for long periods: Without a user replaceable battery, is this a wise option? I like having my iMac on all the time to stream content to my apple tv and airplay speakers.

-storage and expandability: The iMac has tons of usb ports as well as an ethernet jack, how can I replace these (again without resorting to the thunderbolt display?) How can I replace the 500 GB that my iMac provides? I do use it quite a bit.

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