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I'm hoping someone who understands the crashreporter info will see your post, but I would advise to do (if possible) a newer backup OR even if you have the extra space do the new backup in a new partition of an external HD.

Have you loaded new software, done updates or something lately?

Sorry if this sounds basic or protocol, but first off if you haven't done this while this started, try and do a verify disk and repair permissions.

Reboot your mac in safe mode and/or single mode and see if this happens then: Read these Mac OS X: What is Safe Boot, Safe Mode? and this tells how to start in Safe Mode if you don't already know Mac OS X: Starting up in Safe Mode and Mac OS X: How to start up in single-user or verbose mode

Boot into single user mode (restart and hold down apple(command) + "s" until you see white type on a black background.
When the scrolling text stops, you should see instructions for running "fsck".

Type: fsck -yf
Hit the return key

Let it do what it can.
If it reports errors, run the same command again, until it no longer finds errors (or until you are sure that the exact same errors have been repeated several times).

If the same errors are repeated a few times, then it is unlikely that fsck can repair the problem.

You can:
Buy Disk Warrior and feel "pretty confident" it will resolve your hard drive problem (no guaranties, but it's pretty darned good or you can google for a comparable prog - but my guess you are still under Warranty you could call apple or take it in before paying for a prog that may or may not fix your issue.),
Backup your data, reformat the drive (writing zeros), reinstall the OS and applications, then restore your data but again this may not fix the problem as this may also be a HD issue.

Hope this helps..

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