Thread: .rserv virus?
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Thank you both for your replies.

Macsworth, that's a valid point! But I think Mac users (at least my circle of friends who own Mac laptops) are taken under by the myth they are invincible on the web because they are running OSX. I think this approach is making these trojans more dangerous.

Cwa - after reading that forum again I took the steps recommended; its not the easiest thread to follow hence why I wanted to see if anyone here had found it, to see if there were any consistencies. I have Clamxav running, scanning my System and Library folders and it didn't pick anything up. According to the thread, the threat is due to a Java exploitation through Safari (which I had started using again as Chrome couldn't handle netflix website). I hadn't downloaded anything since the 31st march through to yesterday.

I think Im clean. Clamxav didn't find anything at the time.

Not really sure what to do now. The payload is on my computer as I gave it my password, but I have no idea what or where it is, or even if it is still on here! Paranoid..


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