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Would like to share my 2 cents on all of this.

This thread is not about one OS compared to another OS, it is about risk.
Off course technical differences between OS's make one more robust than the other, but that is not where the focus needs to be.

In today's computing environment, there is a need to change the mindset of people - there is a need to create a risk conscious and security aware culture.
Am doing IT Risk Management for more than 20 years for a top-100 FTSE global company ( trying to protect billions of pounds ), I can say that the trends are there ( trends are based on history ) and the indicators are clear. You need to get the technology right, but that is a detail ( annoying but important ).
The number one factor in IT risk management is .... people behavior.... layer 8 of the OSI model ( the layer between the chair and the keyboard. -_- )

The bad guys writing malicious code will always be there, but it will not bring in the big personal financial benefits for them, and they know that. If you want to go after information, knowledge and money ..... just ask the people for their username and password ... easy, people talk/write a lot you know.... a bit of profiling is all they need to do. No amount of technology can protect you against that.

The mouse is faster than the brain, and that is what needs to change.
Awareness and communication is what will help the people using a computing device, any computing device.

There is no need to be paranoid, but being aware of the risks is the most important thing.
You can still decide to ignore the risks, not to give a **** which is fine as well, as long as you make a well informed decision..

Lets keep this thread alive in the way it was intended .... share quality information and be open and transparant, not just focus on technology/semantics but also on behavior.

I like this thread very much because this is a topic where being pro-active pays off.


Cheers ... McBie

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