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Originally Posted by vansmith View Post

Listen, I'm not trying to make OS X as a whole look bad or argue that we should all be out with virtual shotguns warding off any potential threats. In fact, I think with proper vigilance and adequate cognizance of history's lessons, OS X can be a solid OS (the emphasis there is purposive). Suggesting that others are spread FUD while extolling the benefits of a largely untested platform (no viruses means no real testing) is incredibly problematic and we should not be conveying this message to people who are new to the platform. Should we be telling them all to lock down the machine and prepare for an onslaughts of viruses? Of course not. Should we be resting on the laurels of the past as a measuring stick for an unknown future and in so doing, encourage people to, "just relax and enjoy [...] until you hear that you need to do otherwise"? Absolutely not. Where then do we go then with our advice? That depends on the question being asked but in no circumstance should it involve calling others "bigots", spreading messages of complacency or downplaying an inevitable threat to the point of insignificance.
Other than attacking my position and doing absurd things like calling me "complacent" (which is the very last thing that I am, I probably follow this subject more closely than anyone here) and attacking my punctuation, I can't figure out what it is that you are advocating. You are attacking my position and my use of words, but you haven't really suggested that Mac users do anything specifically.

I advocate learning as much as possible about this topic, and taking reasonable steps to protect one's self (as I have outlined in a previous post that you have ignored) and that until there is a threat that one needs serious protection from, that one does not need to waste money (and sacrifice computer performance and stability) on anti-virus software.

Your statements that the "Mac OS is untested" are non-sensical. That would assume that over the past 10 years that no one has tried to create a virus for OS X, a proposition I know for a fact to be untrue. Quite the contrary, OS X is a very well tested personal computer OS. It has stood the test of very public use by tens of millions of users for over a decade.

Your claims that Apple doesn't respond to threats to the Mac very much sound like those of a Windows bigot, or at least you believe their claims. It's true that Apple hasn't immediately patched every vulnerability in their OS. But Apple doesn't live to satisfy all of their critics, they do things at the rate that makes sense to them. I would assume that they assess each risk and deal with it as quickly as they feel that the risk requires. So far that has seemed to work. The goal is to patch the OS before the bad guys have time to create serious exploits, and Apple has done this when required, not necessary as quickly as their critics have wanted, but so what. I was very impressed with how they handled the Mac Defender threat. See:

Mac Malware 'Explosion' Missing In*Action
Mac malware 'explosion' missing in action | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

I'm sorry, but to me you sound either like a Windows bigot or someone who has bought into what Windows bigots have to say. I really can't argue with a bigot, or someone who wants to call me "complacent" when there isn't even the slightest evidence that I am, or who wants to scare average Mac users. I can only hope that average Mac users will read what I've written in this thread and, most importantly, checked out the many links that I've provided to back up what I've said.

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