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I'm just tired of my PC and bad habits of upgrading for a few extra FPS in games, plus the fact that I hate Windows.
I was planning on buying the new $700 Mac Mini with SuperDrive, but played with the iMac at CompUSA and gave it a thought.
Its obvious that the overall specs of the iMac are better than the Mini's, but thats reflected in the cost.
I also have a Dell 2005FPW widescreen LCD, so if I went with the iMac, I would have to sell the Dell since I would have no use for it (though it would be hard to get rid of).
What do you guys think, Mac Mini 1.42GHz G4 with SuperDrive + USB Hub + Keyobard + Mouse or iMac 17" 2.0GHz G5 with SuperDrive (comes with a keyboard and mouse from what I understand).

If it helps, I have a 15" 1.67GHz PowerBook and love it, the speed is enough for being a portable.
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