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Sorry, no intent to troll. I love Mac hardware and MacOSX is a very nice OS. I'm figuring out how to integrate Mac machines into our lifestyle, probably starting with the wife's laptop and later mine, when it's due for replacement.

Anyway, the hidden malware protection within the OS doesn't mean impervious to malware, it just means internal protection rather than a separate and more visible icon. If you google for it, you'll also find droves of Linux users who claim no need for anti-malware/virus, along with the minority who disagree and are slammed by the zealots. For me, it's better safe than sorry.

For the record, I've not had an infection on a computer where I'm the sole user in at least 10 years. As most have said, common sense is the best anti-malware, and I would say that on average, Mac users are more savvy than an average Windows user, so that contributes as well. This is an even greater contributor to minimal need for anti-malware on Linux, since Linux is generally only used by advanced users.

Thanks for keeping it real :-) My wife's Vista machine sits right right now clearly infected by some type of trojan (which I think compromised our credit card as well), so her Mac will be loaded with anti-virus/anti-malware above and beyond that which Apple installs masked within the OS.
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