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Hi there.
I'm a developer who has exclusively used Windows/Visual Studio (C#/VB/C++) in the past.
We have spent a lot of time making sure out web-apps are running properly on Safari, and we're at the point where we can open it up on the device browsers (including the iPad/iPhone), and run the apps without issue. We just need to productionise the deployment for a few of our customers.
I need to deploy a simple link/shortcut to a web address on the iPhone/iPad, that would open up a particular page using the default browser.

Being completely clueless in the Apple-sphere, is there a kind soul out there who might take pity, and point me down the right path? I'm just not sure what kind of programming & deployment model I am working with.
Would I need to find a Mac, install the latest version of XCode, and build some kind of deployment package? Is there a simpler way to package up something like this?

I'd really appreciate any help anyone could offer... Thanks very much!

Cheers, Marlon.
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