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Hey everyone! I just ordered my very first mac, along with a bunch of 3rd party parts to throw in when it arrives. The one thing I really wanted to get was one of the "Giving Tree" decals that are available. The problem? Most of the reviews for the people selling them state that their requests for sizes other than 13" have gone ignored. This is a concern, since I have a 15" on the way.

So, I've been browsing etsy, and amazon, and everywhere else i can find (though they always bring you back to those two). Any questions I've submitted have gotten disappointing, sometimes amusing, but always frustrating replies in horrible english. My favorite so far:
My question:
Greetings, I was wondering what the procedure is to order this decal for a 15" macbook? Also, is the decal completely cut out, or is there a white filling in the boy and inside the tree?
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