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I got my first Mac (27" iMax), and have to admit that I am stunned about the fact that it is almost impossible to configure the system in order to enable my 53 year old peepers to see the texts clearly. When I purchased the system, I assumed that it would be as easy to configure as in Windows..... NOT! Guess Apple's primary user base is less then 30 years old....

Tinker tool works well, but mucks up texts if you set the fonts too large. And it won't increase the size of menu bar / favorites bar texts, or help texts.

  • In DeskTop Finder, under View/View Options, you can change the standard DeskTop font to a max of 16
  • In Safari, under Preferences/Appearance, you can change the standard List and Message fonts; I set them to 18 and 24
  • Im Mail, Preferences/Fonts and Colors will allow you to change some fonts

I find that OSX has some very nice features, but that the much acclaimed user-friendliness of OSX does not live up to it's promise.

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