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My advice is to raise hell, like chrisg. Dont stop at apple stores and repairers. Email Steve Jobs if you have to go that hight in the heirachy. I mean, really, whats it to apple to give you a new computer compared to you spreading the fact that you had a bad experience? They could (and probably already have from your and other people's stories) loose hundreds of potential customers. they're complete idiots if they dont give you a new one.
You dont spend thousands of dollars on a machine then have it not work. It just doesnt work that way. Does america have a department of fair trading? I'd say they'd be the way to go from here. Dont give up, raise hell.
If you dont want to go to a government department, go to the biggest apple store you have access to with your mac, hand it over the desk with your contact details and proof of purchase, blah blah blah, and say "I'm coming back here in 2 weeks. I will walk in here at 10am, i will walk out with a fully functioning G5 1.6 Ghz machine at 10:02am. I will not pay a cent." then walk out and simply ignore everything they say to you as you walk out. If that fails go the authorities. Its just not right for something like this whether it was a nose hair trimmer or a home entertainment system.
Graphite: you have a point. Dankim, there's nothing worse than an angry customer complaining to the manufacturer about a faulty peice of electronics if you've ripped the insides out and filled them with molen metal. From your recount, it sounds like that isnt the case but yeah.....
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