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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
If you can afford to wait...then there is no harm in that.

To give you some recent historical pricing info in regards to Mac Pro's (middle of the road models...not slowest/not fastest):

- 2009 2.93ghz quad-core $2999
- 2009 2.66ghz 8-core $4699
- 2010 3.33ghz 6-core $3699
- 2010 2.4ghz 8-core $3499

Notice that some quad-core models can get close to the top of the $3000 budget...and the 8-cores usually will exceed $3000.

For references was possible to get a 2009 2.8ghz quad-core model (when first released) for $2499.

I would not expect Mac Pro pricing to differ a whole lot from this when (and if) new models are released.

Good luck,

- Nick

One thing I thought of yesterday: if I wait for the hypothetical new line of MacPros, they will certainly neeed to run on Lion (instead of being able to roll them back to SL) which means I would need to move to FCPX instead of sticking with the previous release as I had inteaded, correct?
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