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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
With most other computers from Apple...this strategy would make sense. But when it comes to Mac Pro's...there is a different "rule book". Mac Pro's generally don't go down in price as quickly as other models.

So when (and if) new Mac Pro models are released...they're going to be expensive (especially models with more than 4 cores)...and the older models will not be discounted a whole lot.

Example...Apple (in their refurbished section) is still selling Mac Pro's from 2009 (with Mac Pro's from 2010 being the latest model). The 2009 Mac Pro's (with only a quad-core) are still selling for $2749:

Refurbished Mac Pro 2.93GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon - Apple Store (U.S.)

There are less expensive 2009 Mac Pro quad-core options in the refurbished section as well. But if any of these units were 8-core models...they would be a good bit more expensive.

So I wouldn't "hang my hat" on the idea that when new Mac Pro's are released (if they are released)...that the 8-core models will still be within the $3000 budget.

- Nick
That's good to know. Thanks, Nick. It's just obviously harder to make the decision on what is the best use of the money I'll have, given that the expectation will be that what I get will last me several years, and that it feels a bit daft buying a two year old machine, when new ones are supposedly around the corner, and you know you probably won't be buying a replacement until 2017 or so.

I would have thought that roughly $3000 would have bought more power from the hypothetical 2012 model by virtue of the fact that they will carry the new processors (that a six or possibly four core 2012 Mac Pro would perform better running apps like Compressor or Flash Encoder than the 2010 8-core 2.4 that I can buy today).
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