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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
By the way. You mentioned having a $3000 budget...and 8-core Mac Pro's.

If you're talking about purchasing a brand new computer...I don't see any new 8-core Mac Pro's for under $3000. Quad-core Mac Pro's yes...but not 8-core. I didn't know how "firm" that $3000 budget was.

- Nick
Not set in stone, and with the current (meaning 2010) 8-core Mac Pro going for $3200 via amazon currently, it's an option. And I would guess that when/if the Mac Pro is updated with Intel's recently released processors, that ~$3000 would buy more power from the newer edition.

I'm thinking I'd rather stick it out for this season and wait for the new ones, though it would be easier if there was something to confirm that they're actually coming out anytime soon.
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