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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
There's actually not that many programs that are "multi-processor" capable. And some that are supposed to be multi-core capable...don't necessarily do a good job of it.

Here's a link to multi-core apps. written for the Macintosh...and how well they are implemented (check the list for the apps. you use):

MPG - Mac Performance 101: Application support for multiple CPU cores

If the applications you use are multi-core capable...and this "multicore-ness" is implemented well...then you can't beat an 8-core (or 12-core) Mac Pro!

Also realize that Mac Pro's have video card options that are not available for iMac' if you do a lot of high-end video or graphics work (these higher end video cards may be better)...or if you want to run LOTS of can install 3-4 video cards into one Mac Pro...and run up to 6, 8, or more monitors.

But don't get me wrong...the iMacs are very powerful as well...and can handle lots of demanding tasks!...and cost a good bit less than Mac Pro's.

- Nick
Thanks for the link. Either option will surely be a huge upgrade over my dual core MBP (I should hope). It would be easier if we had a firm idea when/if the Mac Pros will be updated.
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