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I've used two different LaCie drives. The first was a 250GB USB 2.0 Porsche drive, and I was utterly unimpressed. There could be three reasons to my dissappointment however. The first was that it was USB and it would frequently freeze-up in the middle of transfers. The second could be the fact that I had formatted it to FAT32 so I could use it between my PC. The third could be that it was just a dud.
I gave LaCie a second chance, though, and tried the 250GB d2 Extreme Triple Interface. So far I've had no problems whatsoever and I am thoroughly happy with the purchase. It may be because I'm now using the Firewire instead of the USB 2.0 or it could be that I've formatted the drive to Mac OS instead of FAT32. Either way, I recommend this drive based not only on its reliability but also on its price. Since you want something larger, then I'd suggest the 500GB LaCie Big Disk Triple Interface.
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