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I have found a work-around for a similar, possibly-related issue, so I figured I'd post.

I'm using a 15" MacBook Pro from late 2008, running Lion (10.7.3). My battery has badly malfunctioned (swollen to the point that the case will no longer close with the battery installed). My new battery is in the mail. My AC adapter appears to be functioning normally (lights green/amber when plugged in).

My computer will not wake up and will not turn on unless the battery is connected. If I pull the battery out while the AC adapter is plugged in, the computer will immediately sleep and refuse to wake up until I cram the battery back in. It exhibits some other odd behaviors as well. Resetting the SMC had no effect.

I have managed to get it to boot and remain powered on with only the AC adapter by doing the following:
- Shut down the computer (i.e. off, not sleep).
- Cram the malfunctioning battery in well enough to make contact (AC Adapter power light turns yellow/amber).
- Push power button (computer turns on, begins booting).
- Remove battery immediately, so it boots using only the AC adapter.
- Change energy saver preferences so the computer never sleeps (once it sleeps, it resumes the behavior described above).

Perhaps it's not the most elegant solution, but hopefully it can get someone out of a bind that has affected at least two of us.
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