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I felt the need to resurrect this old thread because this is exactly my problem I DID do a search first! I purchased a 1T WD My Book for backups. I didn't exactly follow the directions when initially setting up the WD My Book, so I didn't get it set up as it should be. While attempting to delete/reinstall everything, I deleted the installation software/firmware/crapware on the WD My Book HDD and my computer. So now I have a blank external HDD. I read the posts above and feel better about things. I want to use the Apple software exclusively for using Time Machine for backup.

Since I have messed up and deleted the My Book software on the WD My Book drive and no longer desire to use Smartware, how can I make sure all traces of the WD SMARTware is deleted? One of the posts above said that it is almost impossible to do so. I don't want any bits and pieces of ANY kind of unistalled software on my MIni. My goal is to keep my HDD uncluttered. Can Onyx fix this?

How can I return Time Machine to a place like a factory default? if Time machine had never been implemented.My desire is to get the computer to the place where I haven't specified a Time Machine backup device yet, so that when I connect this WD My Book external drive, Time Machine asks if I would like to use it as a Backup Disk. I would like a fresh start since I have a new, blank WD HDD (thanks to my haste). Again, I try to avoid clutter, repetition, and such on any computer. Will deleting the Time Machine plist do this? If so, where do I find this file? Is it in more than one place?

I really want my Mac to be set up correctly and be as efficient as possible. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions with setting up Time machine will be greatly appreciated. Please forgive the long post.
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