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Originally Posted by Beleg Cuthalion View Post
So last week Feral announced Empire Total War for mac, which was long awaited and incredibly awesome because I love the total war games and would much prefer to play them on a mac.

The only thing is, the system requirements say that it does not support a NVIDIA 9400 graphics card. I have an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, which I assume is sadly in the same category. Is this true? Is there any chance it would still run anyways, even on lower graphics settings? I suppose its time to upgrade, but probably won't happen for a little while.
The 9400M is a shared RAM card meaning it does not have any dedicated video RAM it just shares RAM with the CPU. It is not that powerful when it comes to gaming.

This is the major reason it is not on the provisional specifications is right now although the game might run on a 9400M is unlikely to give a smooth experience especially later in the game.

However if things change between now and the final specification being announced we will let you know.

We don't prevent users playing on under specification machines or on unsupported operating systems, the only reason we would disable a game from being loaded is if we know the game will hang or crash due to missing hardware or software features on your machine.

We believe minimum specification should not just mean the game runs but that the game runs and the game can be played all the way through (and Empire maps get huge near the end, so a good frame rate at the beginning does not mean you get a good one after unlocking the entire globe) without major performance issues. If the 9400M passes those tests then it will make the final spec, that's why it is called provisional


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