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Hello everyone
i have for years been apc user(windows systems)
I have just decided to switch to a mac, having no experience in the mac area I hope that I can find some sympathetic advice here.
I decided to first buy a second hand system, but I appear to be unable to find any clear indication of exactly what the system contains as it is in Dutch and I would like to change the os language to english.
Can anyone advise me on the steps to take?
The computer is :
Powermac G5,
Powermac 11,2 2x2GHz,
1.5GB , Sata 149,05 GB, GeForce 6600Le, 128MB,
Does this machine have 1 or 2 cores, and can I replace the hd with say a 2tetrabyte drive and what is the maximum ram that I can install as I want to run adobe master collection and som other memory hungry progams,
As I have said earlier I have no Mac experience and would appreciate some advice ,to help me to understand,(What all the gobbeldy gook of the description of the computer means, as well as change the os to english,
Hope that some one can help me ,my email is
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